The Robe Review

The best robes to do nothing in.

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"The best advice I’ve received from people in my career is ‘Don’t be afraid to do something, just do it. Don’t hesitate.’ And also, ‘If you have a bright idea, work hard.’ And that’s what I did."


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Turns out there IS a natural way to treat acne

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On everything from the not-so-glamorous (struggling with psoriasis) to the ultra-luxe (her shoe closet)

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Use eye cream the right way

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Can a person die of jealousy? Asking for a friend

Bio-Oil To The Rescue

You've heard about it—here's how to make it work for you

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⚡️#ITGTOPSHELFIE: Saakshi Kaushik, Social Media Marketer⚡️
The product that made her pores "shrink immediately" is now "immediately" in my Sephora cart

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Better Sleep, Naturally

Constantly drowsy? Let's talk solutions

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The drugstore product that will give you your dream summer gams

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For every 'no makeup' look, there's a really good primer

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The 3 (yes, only 3) things Kiernan Shipka uses every morning

What Happened When I Stopped Using Skin Care Products

She ditched all of her products and her skin got better

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Co-wash to save your hair length

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The ultimate in-flight skincare routine

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Lipstick for minimalists

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Naomi Smalls On Her Full Drag Makeup Routine

“When I first started, I didn’t really understand how to center my features—I was just putting makeup on my face. Back then if I was getting into drag, I would have to take the whole day off work.”

A Comprehensive Acne Scar Guide

The only thing worse than acne is the scar it leaves behind

How To Smell Good In Every Way

How to smell good in every possible way

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The sunscreen that basically turns you into Emily Ratajkowski, its science

The High-Maintenance French Beauty Regimen

The *minimal lowkey French girl* is an urban myth

Glossier Social Media Editor Eva Alt On Her Beauty Routine

“I need movement in my life in order to feel like myself. I think more clearly, see the world more realistically—I just need it.”

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How Alexa Chung decides it's time to cut her hair

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Big In Korea: Waterless Skin Care

Waterless skincare just means it works stronger

How To Make Your Own Smoothie Bowl, Care Of Jugofresh Miami

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Lip tints, lip paint and lip markers for a lasting matte look

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There's one simple step that will keep sweat from messing up your skin

Even More Tips From Facialist Melanie Simon

Meet Melanie. Her skin isn't Photoshopped.

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All the things you should be picking up at the drugstore

The Primer That Changed My Mind About Primers

Ohhh, THIS is why people use primer

Ingredient To Know: Blue Tansy - Into The Gloss

Blue tansy = your skin-calming savior

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What To Bring to the Office: Summer Edition

The Best Drugstore Beauty Products Of All Time

Get your money's worth at the drugstore

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⚡️#ITGTOPSHELFIE: Nicole Petitto, Senior Manager for Barre Group Fitness Programming at Equinox ⚡️
“My general philosophy is to choose products that enhance your natural beauty. I like the feeling of looking natural—but not because I’m not wearing any makeup.”

Got Acne? Put Oil On It

Natural oils that help banish cystic acne