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An Easy DIY Facial - Into The Gloss

Weekend idea: Do a facial at home.

Art Director Katie O'Keefe On The Best Drugstore Concealer

"I can't find a better concealer than this. I've tried Chanel, Nars, everything, and this one can't be beat."

How To Make Neck Lines Go Away

How do you make you make neck lines...just disappear?

The Best Korean Products For Oily Skin

Acne-prone skin, meet Korean skincare

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🎨Makeup Artist To Watch: Thomas de Kluyver🎨
Which look is your favorite?
→ into.gl/_de-Kluyver

Microneedling At Home—A Handy Guide

How to give your skin an intense exfoliation

All The Lipsticks I've Bought Because Of The Top Shelf

ITG Made Me Do It: Lipstick Edition

Nars Blush In Deep Throat

The only blush better than NARS Orgasm is way more embarrassing to ask for

Facialist Shani Darden's Best Skincare Tips

If you use sunscreen, retinol, and an effective cleanser, you’re on a good track.

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🌟TOP SHELF: Caroline Brasch Nielsen🌟
"I'll very rarely wear a red lip...I’m just very practical. I’m gonna go out, I’m gonna forget I have red lipstick on, I’m gonna have a drink and then it’s like...OK, fuck it, I’m not gonna wear anything."
→ into.gl/caroline_brasch

How To Successfully Transition From Junk Food To A Vegan Diet

Transition into an all vegan diet, the right way

French Pharmacy Acne Solutions

The secret to fewer breakouts are hiding in plain sight: right in the pharmacies

5 Common Skincare Mistakes To Avoid In Your Routine

Your skin does crazy things when you mistreat it

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🌟TOP SHELF: Maartje Verhoef 🌟
"The first thing my modeling agent told me was, 'Never pluck your eyebrows again.' I used to pluck them! Thank God they grew back."
→ into.gl/maartje-verhoef

Retinol: Everything To Know About It, And How It Can Help Your Skin

The anti-aging product you need to stock

Your Handy Guide To Rose And Rosehip In Beauty Products

Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory & moisturizing with lots of vitamin C

9 Women Talk Face Waxing, Threading, Shaving, & Lasering

Real talk: Team Glossier discusses everything facial hair

The Post-Acne, Pre-Anti-Aging Guide To Skincare In Your 20s

No wrinkles, no acne—just confusion

The Beginner's Guide To Fine Haircare

Because fine hair can be long, thick, dense AND healthy

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💄THE FACE: Teni💄
"I want to be makeup optional at all times. That’s my goal, to keep my skin in the shape where if I feel like it, I do put on makeup, and if I don’t feel like it, I won’t. It’s a very powerful feeling actually."

The $7 Cystic Acne Treatment That Works

A new way to fix your pimple, fast

Makeup Artists Share Their Favorite Undereye Concealers

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A Skincare Routine To End A Hard Day

If you work long days, make relaxation a priority

Quick Face Masks

Revived skin in just 8 minutes

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"You gotta have nails that can do some damage. I know we want our nails to look good, ladies, but you never know when you’re going to need to claw someone’s eyes out.”
—Aubrey Plaza → into.gl/_life-tips ✨

How To Deal: Hyperpigmentation - Into The Gloss

It'll take a lot of sunscreen, exfoliation, and patience.

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🌟TOP SHELF: Mari Giudicelli, Designer🌟
"I use a lot of Aquaphor on my lips all the time, but the one I use the most is Homeoplasmine. It’s super cheap, and it has some herbs in it. Whenever I go to Paris I buy some."
→ into.gl/_mari-giudicelli

Michele's Travel Beauty Pack

Along with a bottle of wine, here are all the things model and vintner Michele Ouellet can't travel without.
→ into.gl/michele-ouellet 🍷

The At-Your-Desk Survival Kit

How to survive your 9 to 5

How To Get Your Favorite Perfumes For Cheap

Save money, smell the same—here are some genius expensive perfume hacks

Our Favorite Air-Dry Hair Products

The best air-dry hair products, as told by the people in our office

What Exactly Is Korean Essence? - Into The Gloss

All about this Korean skincare staple:

How Do I Find My Foundation Shade?

Glossier's gTEAM Supervisor shares the 10 shades of foundation she switches between seasonally ❄️

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🌟TOP SHELF: Catherine Walsh🌟
"I started going grey at 26, but I wasn’t confident enough to let that happen yet. When I was 37, I moved to France and thought, ‘Of course I can do this.’

I let it go gray, cold-turkey."
→ into.gl/catherine-walsh

Beauty Benefits Of The Korean Diet - Into The Gloss

Can kimchi clear up your skin?

Dermatology Resident Elyse Love On Acne And Real Housewives

"The world of dermatology has made me pretty uninterested in expensive, over-the-counter creams that have to be applied every night.

It's also made me a lot less vain."

Minimal Bridal Makeup

Makeup for when you want to be your best self. 💐
→ into.gl/special-day-